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Radioline, OJSC specializes in engineering, development and production of automated testing facilities for retranslation units, receiver-transmitter units, components and antennas. In particular, our company produces robotic positioning equipment for use in research of various antenna characteristics. Combined with anechoic chambers our company creates measuring systems for measuring radiotechnical characteristics of antennas, radiolocation characteristics of objects, properties of materials and equipment testing.

Our company has utilized and brought into practice different antenna measuring techniques: far-field region technique, collimator technique and near-field techniques (planar, helical and spherical scanning) in continuous and pulse operation modes.

It is notable that our company provides turn-key solutions, i.e. completes all work stages: agrees technical requirements with the customer, engineering, development, production, shipping the equipment to customer’s site, assembly and start-up works,  acceptance testing, type approval testing, customer’s staff training.

Antenna parameters measurement systems are meant for measuring all types of antennas: passive antennas, phased antenna arrays, active phased antenna arrays and digital antenna arrays, both in reception and transmission modes.  While measuring all radiotechnical characteristics of antenna are defined: amplitude and phase stereograms and their unrestricted cross-sections, active phased antenna array EMI both near and directly in the antenna aperture, directivity, gain, boresight, Р, G, G/T, antenna phase center coordinates and other radiotechnical characteristics on customer’s demand. Furthermore, our company also specializes in production of systems for EPR and deflection properties of materials testing.

Apart from the systems our company produces and supplies separate components: antennas and probe antennas, scanners (for planar, helical and spherical scanning), positioning mounts, collimators, cable assemblies, switch matrixes, amplifiers, work stations.

Our company also supplies anechoic chambers produced by Russian as well as foreign manufacturers.

As of current measuring systems produced by our company are operated at more than 20 sites. The systems have successfully been attested and certified as measuring tools.

Our company accommodates its own production facility to manufacture, monitor and assemble positioning tools, radiotechnical and electrotechnical products. In 2016 our company gained the Skolkovo resident status (a research department was opened based in Skolkovo), as well as the status of Technopolis Moscow resident. We have an accredited common use center for measuring radiotechnical and electrotechnical characteristics in Skolkovo (space device engineering laboratory).

Production capacity of the company include complete production cycle of positioning mounts, scanners, antennas and collimators: blank production area (metal cutting, welding stations, annealing furnaces), powder coating area, precision milling area, metrological laboratory and product assembly area. Over 2000 m2 production space. The production facility is situated in Moscow. Our company without any bail bonds owns all production equipment.

Currently our company is the only manufacturer in Russia that produces positioning mounts with load capacity from 20 kg/m to 5000 kg/m and 0.017 degree precision. As well as near field scanners sized 2*2 meters or 20*15 meters with positioning precision of 0.005 mm/m and less that 0.1 mm planarity

To maintain the equipment produced by our company we have a constant stock of components used in our products (reduction units, slides, bearings, engines). This way we can swiftly carry out change or repair.

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